About Unii

Our business includes the production, trading and providing various of Marble, Onyx, Quartz Stone, Terrazzo and Engineered Stone.

Natural Stone

With over 15 years of expertise in the stone industry, UNII STONE has plenty of experience to get variety of selections of Natural stone quickly and professional to meet client’s demands.

We source a premium grade of material and purchase blocks and slabs only after a thorough inspection process. With our wide network of suppliers, we are able to purchase the highest quality stone products directly from the sources. Our mass quantity purchasing allows us to provide lower costs, and offer the most competitive pricing to our partners.


We are a professional Quartz Stone slabs manufacturer, specializing in the field of kitchen counter-tops, worktops & vanity tops products, with Engineered stone and Terrazzo production lines and more than 300 employees.


Quartz slab



UNII STONE also specialized in the supply and installation of natural stones for exterior and interior stone cladding, flooring, ornamental and specialized architectural works. With rich expertise in the stone industry and project management, we understand the value of servicing your individual needs.